Aikishintaiso is a discipline based on the traditional Japanese concepts of: harmony (Ai), energy (Ki), spirit (Shin), body movement (Taiso). It has its roots in martial arts, Zen, Yamabushi – the mountain ascetics of Japan, and Buddhist physiognomists' ancient tradition of body reading.

Aikishintaiso helps us harmonize our minds, emotions, bodies and consciousness by releasing our internal energy flows: the flow of personal and collective memories; along with the flow of knowledge coming from ancestral consciousness and undifferentiated collective consciousness.

To reach this harmony, we work to free the mind from obstacles created by suffering whatever its nature, traumas, anxiety; and to free the body from its tensions whether they are unconscious or due to physical or psychological injuries.

What can not be thought, can not be expressed, however the body will mimic it, freezing it in a position that can be analyzed. This analysis is used to propose a training program that will help you shed tensions that are unnecessary to your psychomotor stability and action, and without harming your mental health. This is important, because when unconscious mim are no longer enough to express conscious or unconscious suffering, they will lead to pathology or to an accident.

Aikishintaiso is not a therapy. It is not used in the filed of pathology but it can be used to wage a battle to prevent pathology. Aikishintaiso is an internal martial art. The practitioner wages a battle against violence. A violence that could unintentionally be directed against others and that is often unconsciously directed against ourselves.

This path is open to all adults who want to embark on a journey to understand themselves better; to understand what hidden loyalties they are subservient to; to access their hidden self.
This path allows you to test and manage your thoughts, emotions and body.
The immediate benefits are: the feeling of "having energy"; an increased desire of initiative; and a better understanding of others. The long-term benefits are: good health; control of your destiny; harmony with others; increased physical and intellectual abilities; and the development of an ethical conscience.

(Cognard Hanshi)